“Why didn’t I think of that?” are usually the words you hear in your head when you come across an amazing new product that can help millions of people. In 2015, after years of planning and prototypes, The Healing Sole recovery sandal was ready for launch. The product was invented and designed by Dr. Meredith Warner, a nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon, who also lists MD, MBA, military veteran, entrepreneur and new mom among her many accolades. The Healing Sole is a flip-flop designed for the nearly 40 million Americans that suffer from an intense foot/heel pain condition known as Plantar Fasciitis, and that need relief while ‘on the go’ or when they get home from a long day on their feet. Plantar Fasciitis patients can spend hours at the doctor’s office and thousands of dollars on injections, orthotics and other treatments.



For the launch of the product, The Healing Sole team decided to employ a direct-sales model via the website ( for their $100+ product. The company is a lean startup focused on excellent design, product development, fulfillment and customer service. To grow company sales, the Healing Sole and Connective Agency focused on reaching large audiences that needed to know about their product since 1 in 10 Americans suffer from the condition, and get someone else tell the story together with the Healing Sole. The philosophy was that any company can say anything about themselves and their new invention or product, but customers have a stronger reason to believe that the new product or invention works when someone else says it (i.e. another trusted voice).



Developed the strategy to position the founder and inventor as a hometown hero and place stories with local media about a business that created a product that could help millions of people across the country.


  • Local CBS-affiliate primetime television news segment, including founder interview, patient testimonial and product photos.
  • Local ESPN-affiliate long-form interview segment, including commentary on related NFL player foot/heel injuries and opinions on protocols for recovery, position the founder as an expert
  • Local newspaper feature story, including “why” product was invented and “who” it helps
  • Local most-popular Moms blog, to reach the largest audience demographic market of product users
  • Pitched and placed feature stories in alumni magazines with large, national and international circulations



Seek out strong voices within large communities of target users that will give credibility to effectiveness of product.

  • Secured placement of the Healing Sole product in “Unique Products That Work” story in February 2016 issue of Competitor magazine
  • Secured large-follower Instagram fitness experts to wear-test product and requested they provide true, honest endorsement of the Healing Sole product to their audiences
  • Secured product placement for the Healing Sole in television segment about 10X ironman athlete and triathlon coach Jen Rulon (