Re-launching an Education Foundation Through Storytelling and Highlighting Results



DHA (formerly the Dallas Housing Authority) has an education foundation which was called the Phoenix Foundation for more than 20 years, awarding over $1.5 million in scholarships to over 1,000 students. The foundation recognized that after 20 years, it was time to update its brand and have an online presence.  The client challenged our team to develop a fresh brand and messaging that would engage the community to partake in the mission of empowering families and investing in young minds as means of addressing cyclical poverty.


As conversations with the foundation ensued, our team determined the best strategy for the foundation would be to focus on the success stories of the scholars they’ve supported and highlight their impact on breaking the cycle of poverty. Our primary step in doing this was to reinvent their digital positioning, including website and social channels, so that they would highlight the success of their programs and scholars to a much larger audience. Subsequently, we sought to escalate press exposure in order to elevate top-notch resources and secure community leaders as partners.


  • Developed a new brand and fresh messaging content for web, social and PR that articulates the foundation’s mission to provide resources and vision for lifelong learning

  • Enhanced digital presence by creating a new website and launching social media channels that helped to publicize the foundation and its scholars

  • Produced a series of scholar profiles and video stories that showcases the success of individuals who have prospered due to the foundation’s impact

  • Helped identify and recruit key community leaders to elevate and contribute to the foundation’s Advisory Board