Naidoo Law came to our team with a clear vision for updating their brand. The immigration firm wanted to differentiate itself from other law firms by highlighting its personalized approach and business-to-business expertise. Because immigration law can be practiced nationally, Naidoo Law needed a brand that would be fresh and unique to law firms across the country.


According to a recent study by Avvo, a leading legal services marketplace, the number one tool for attorneys to market their business is their website so our first priority was to update Naidoo Law’s branding then translate it to a new, client-focused website. We worked with our creative team to create a ‘signature service’ concept, literally incorporating a signature type font into the design of the firm’s logo and incorporated updated hues of red, white and blue to maintain a patriotic feel.

We then developed a clear set of key messages focused on its personalized service for both business clients (employers) and individual clients (applicants), then rolled-up our sleeves and got to work on applying the new branding and messages to a new website. The firm had not updated its website in several years so we were excited to deliver a fresh site for them that was on clean, simple to navigate and mobile-responsive.

We created focused content for employers and applicants in specific sections for each audience, including an employer toolkit for HR professionals and a comprehensive Q&A reference for applicants.

Here is a look at their previous website:


And here are some interior pages from the new site:


We just launched the site in January 2017, so we’ll be tracking how the site and new content performs. The client is in the midst of a very busy season for immigration attorneys in the US, and is able to leverage their new brand and website during this period.

Interested to see the site? Check it out here