A New Brand and Website for Brother Bill’s Helping Hand


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand is a West Dallas non-profit that provides basic necessities to its users - referred to as their ‘neighbors’ - in the greater Dallas metro area community. The ministry has operated for 75 years, offering programs that increase education and improve health through resources like job training, clinics and a grocery store pantry.

Our team had the privilege to work with Brother Bill’s to build a website that shares the story of all that they do, and also serves as an online platform for all the ministry’s core audiences - neighbors, volunteers, donors, and board members - to access the information and resources managed and delivered by the organization.

One of CONNECTIVE Agency’s core values is ‘Do Good in the Community’. We engaged six (6) young neighbors from Brother Bill’s to shadow us and participate in the branding and design process as we developed the new website (see the team here). During our web development class sessions, we included introductions to research, site mapping, crafting content/interview skills and photography. Working alongside these bright young students was one of the many fulfilling highlights of this project.


When the executive director of Brother Bill’s approached us, he shared that the three main challenges they experienced with the former website were:

  1. Inconsistent branding;

  2. Lack of up-to-date information because they did not have a content management system they could manage directly; and

  3. Outdated technology

As we embarked on the assignment, it was clear to us that the legacy branding also needed to be refined. The historical branding didn’t convey the character of Brother Bill’s or help to tell their story. Additionally, the website didn’t serve as a resource for the community and the outdated software made site navigation and updates difficult.

Our main priority was developing an efficient and effective website that navigates easily while capturing the essence of Brother Bill’s. We set out to build a mobile-first and mobile-friendly website that provides updated information about the organization, services and events.

Another objective was establishing brand standards and creating visual representations that helped tell Brother Bill’s story. Our team developed an enhanced color palette to reflect the fun, vibrant and joyful spirit of the organization.

We also designed custom iconography for each of the neighborhood programs and a new logo that illustrates Brother Bill’s purpose. The icon is a graphic take on the hand sign in American Sign Language for “Help” and the design forms a double “B” shape which represents the organization’s name.


  • The Brother Bill’s Helping Hand website is now fully mobile-responsive and features a comprehensive view of the organization and all the programs that are offered

  • The website increases organizational awareness among neighbors, volunteers, donors, board members and staff

  • Neighbors now use an up-to-date calendar of events for programs and class schedules

  • Volunteers get a snapshot of all of the programs they can sign up for, as well as easy, online registration; increasing the number of volunteers and neighbors helped

  • Donors can donate online, and the organization’s credibility is strengthened through the stories and results shared on the website

  • Employees now have a place to reference information and access a calendar for all departments

Visit the new Brother Bill’s website at this LINK.