I’ve been at Connective Agency for 3 months. Just before I was hired, the agency had signed a new client. I knew when I came on board I was going to hit the ground at a full sprint. Before my official start date, I already had a project. I was tasked with conducting phone interviews with the client’s customers, front-line employees, and business partners. Since we were working on a rebrand for the client, it was important to gain those key stakeholder insights

This project gave me an interesting perspective. I got to talk to these customers, employees, and business partners before I ever met the client. Those stakeholders gave me a crystal clear picture of the CEO, the company’s trajectory, its strengths, and its opportunities. I had the opportunity to “get to know” the client through the eyes of their stakeholders before I ever met them in person, including an understanding of their “why”. The most interesting aspect of this was that when I finally did meet the client and start working with them the insight I gained from their stakeholders and their “why” held true. In fact, it shined through. Our rebranding assignment had more clarity and focus because we understood the various angles that we had to consider and balance.  

Ok, so what’s the big deal? You talked to some people, and they told you stuff. Who cares?

As a business leader, ask yourself this, “Does my ‘why’ shine through?” (The “why” is your purpose and your core values.) 

When the people who work with you don't feel your “why”, it’s going to be a tough sell, no matter what you’re selling. When your "why" does translate to your employees and partners, it’s really powerful and that’s what builds great brands and reputations over time.

So if you’re a leader, think about this - when your customers, employees, or partners talk about your company, products, or services with a complete stranger, what do they say? Does your goodness and desire to make something better shine through your business obstacles?

If so, we want to work with you. We want to take that and channel it to do amazing things in the world.